Is the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Plan the one for you?

​The Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan does not try to be all things to all people. It stands for what we consider to be two important principles:

Empowerment of your personal representative to take full advantage of commercial competition in the purchase of goods and services at the time of need—to get the best value for your money as they see best, free from the interference of any intermediary.

Openness and transparency about what we do with your money. No payments to any third party without the permission of the fundholder/s.

It’s a really good choice for those individuals looking for something more green and/or unique.

We are very clear about our goals and we recognise that our prepaid plan will not suit everybody. As the proverb has it, “a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody”. If, to you, our plan looks too complex and insufficiently detailed, then you may prefer the convenience of a more formal, standard prepaid plan and a straightforward funeral package. If this is how you feel, we recommend that you consider buying an Open Prepaid Funeral Plan. It will protect your interests as a consumer and grow your money more efficiently than any other competitor plan.

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