GFG Prepaid Funeral Plan: Additional Details

Additional Details

* denotes a unique feature of the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan.

A GFGPlan fund can cover the funeral costs of up to five people – family members or friends – at any one time.

It’s flexible, so that you can have a plan for more than one person. Each member can determine the value of their contribution if they wish to.*

A GFGPlan fund is not designed to cover the costs of a package funeral designed by us. Instead, you design the funeral that’s right for you, or leave the arrangements to your personal representative. Your fund is therefore simply a pot of money which may be used as either i) a contribution to funeral expenses; or ii) enough to cover from one to five funerals. *

According to the terms of the trust, each plan holder must record, at the least, their basic funeral wishes on their application form in the clear understanding that these will be useful and informative but not legally binding at the time of need. *

The maximum allowable input per named plan holder is £20,000. *

All money paid into your plan (excluding administration fees) will grow and at an annual percentage rate determined by the Trustees of the Open Trust Fund.

A fund may be started with any sum of money, plus a single one-off fee of £195.00 for the first person and £95.00 for each subsequent individual. This pays for the administration of the fund for its lifetime. No deductions whatsoever are made from the money you pay into the trust in the form of salaries, commissions, incentives or rewards. *

A fund may be added to, either in staged payments or as-and-when you want to. This is intended to favour people with budgetary constraints or uneven income flows. Start your fund anytime and add to it when you can. Your money starts growing as soon as it is invested. *

Additional plan holders may be named when the number of plan-holders falls below five. Each new named plan-holder will incur an administration fee of £95.00. *
Fund-holders may log in at any time to check their account and see if it needs topping up. *

On the death of a plan-holder
i. Their personal representative notifies Open Prepaid Funerals Limited who confirms the sum of money available. *

ii. The personal representative of the deceased person agrees a budget for the funeral with the other named plan holders. If a split of the plan fund was defined at the outset, Open Prepaid Funerals Limited will calculate the relevant value.*

iii. The personal representative selects and appoints a professional funeral director or appoints him/herself to be the funeral director and notifies Open Prepaid Funerals Limited who can then confirm to the funeral director what funds are available. *

Money trusted may, according to the terms of the trust, be used to cover only funeral expenses and will only be paid out on production of receipts after the funeral has taken place. The trust doesn’t give change, but…

…a personal representative may make a reasonable claim for their own input to funeral arrangements, whether as funeral director (e.g. in the case of a family-directed or DIY funeral) or in addition to the cost of instructing a professional funeral director. *

Money unspent must remain in the trust for the use of other plan-holders. Where there is only one plan-holder, unspent money will be returned to the estate excluding any growth applied which remains in the Open Trust Fund. *

The role of the Good Funeral Guide Prepaid Funeral Plan will at all times be one of facilitator, never intermediary. *